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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Officially Waiting!!!

Wes got the call today...I am jealous that I didn't get the call as I was napping. I never take afternoon naps and the one day that I actually do, Holt calls us with the news that we have been waiting over 3 months for. We have been officially approved by the ICAB (Inter-County Adoption Board) of the Philippines and have been placed on the official list for prospective adoptive parents. Holt said that our approximate wait time for a referral is 15-18 months from today. So now the waiting really begins. I thought the 3 month wait of our official approval from the ICAB was long as our dossier paperwork was received by them at the end of September.

Over the course of next year there isn't much that we will have to do as our paperwork is finished until we receive our referral. There are many things that we will be praying for during our wait,
* health for our child and his mother as she could be pregnant right now.
* wisdom for us in financial budgeting and fundraising as we prepare to bring our child home.
* finding more Filipino culture around us so that we may truly understand our childs birth country.
* Patience during the long wait that we are about to experience.

We are so blessed to have such loving family and friends. Your prayers and encouragement will be important to us as we wait for the referral of our child.


Jaci & Wes said...

Hey Jenny thanks for getting a hold of me! I could really use a friend in this whole process too. It looks like you are much closer than we are. We still have to submit our paperwork to the Philippines. I'm struggling though, my husband is Wes too, ironic, but he is really getting cold feet. I'm not really sure what to do. Did you guys experience this at all?

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you guys! I just watched the video on your blog of the kiddos in the Phillipines and almost started crying!

I cannot wait to meet your little one. I will also pray that it happens at just the absolute right time!

Blessings, Jenn (hcts, aham)

Joanne & Dennis said...

Hello, I'm from one of your PI adoption groups and I was just reading your blog. I wanted to wish you guys a belated CONGRATS on your ICAB approval. :). It's a very exciting milestone, isn't it? We were just approved a little over a week ago so we're officially waiting too. I pray your wait for a referral won't be too long. All the best to you... -Joanne