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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Color Hunt (Green)

Addy will be attending preschool one day a week starting in September. We have been working on learning our colors like crazy. We read lots of color themed books and also talk about what colors things are throughout the day. For some reason, Addy is stuck on Blue. Everything is "Blue". At least she knows it is a color word and associates it with the color of something. So today, we went on a "Green" Color Hunt. I found this idea on the Chasing Cherrios blog. This SAHM works with her 2-year old on preschool stuff daily and has lots of creative teaching ideas. Jaidyn, Addy and I walked through the house finding things that were green. Jaidyn took off through the house and found her own items. She couldn't wait for me to bring her dress-up box down from the top portion of the closet so she could put the Tinkerbell dress on. Addy continued to call everything that I picked up blue and then I would repeat green. By the end of the color hunt, she was saying green, but when I picked up a purple shampoo bottle and asked her what color it was, she said "Green". AAGGHH! Oh well, Addy had fun toting her items around the house and making a green lego figure that she called her dinosaur. We ended the hunt outside and took a picture no place better than on the GREEN grass under the GREEN leaf tree.


Jaidyn already has plans for going on a "Red" color hunt tomorrow. :)


Jenn said...

Such cuties!! They are getting so big!!

Niki said...

What a great idea!