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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Family Picture

One day back when I was working on our Dossier paperwork, I had a question about the psychological evaluations that we had to have completed for this process. I called the assistant director of the Philippines program. We were talking about the overall process and time frames. She broke in to our conversation and said that she had some good news and that currently the long wait for a referal has decreased by a couple of months for Filipino-American couples. She must have been looking at our file and came across our family picture right at the same time that she said "Filipino-American". She immediately said, "I don't think that this will apply to your family". I guess blond hair and blue eyes don't really match the description of a Filipino/Asian background. Too bad we didn't have Wes's dad J.R. in the picture. With his nicely tanned skin, we might have appeared to have some Filipino in our family and our wait time could have been shorter. :)
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Mama LaLa & Papa J.R.

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