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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We hope everyone is getting to spend time today with the ones they love. We had a nice little Valentine's Day. Earlier I took the girls to story hour at the library and they made a cute little dinosaur craft with heart scales. For lunch I attempted to make heart shaped pancakes with chocolate chips. They were good, but they looked more like big blobs instead of a heart. The girls enjoyed their Valentine surprises from their grandparents and relatives that they received in the mail. They also received a balloon and red rose from their dad. We progressed on in to the evening with a nice romantic dinner of leftovers and while Wes and the girls ate, I cleaned the bathroom. We also spent time in Wal-mart tonight as I had a few extra things that I needed to get for Jaidyn's Valentine's Day party at preschool tomorrow. We decided to spice up my mom and dad's Valentine's evening by dropping off the girls while we went to Wal-mart. Can anyone else beat our night of excitement?


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