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Sunday, June 8, 2008

2nd Adoption Fundraiser Garage Sale

Yesterday we had our 2nd adoption fundraiser garage sale in Richland at our house to add to our adoption account. Most of our items were leftover from the garage sale we had at my mom's house earlier this spring. We did have a few more item donations from friends and family since our first sale and I did another closet cleaning overhaul earlier in the week. Wes had to work all weekend and wasn't home much, so thankfully my mom came the night before to help me set up and then again on Saturday to help me out during the sale. I really needed her help and couldn't have done it without her. After the clean-up in 90 degree weather with two tired, hungry, hot kiddos at my side throughout much of it, I was exhausted. However, the garage sale brought us $158 more than we had yesterday and it will definitely be nice to add this amount to our adoption fund. Little by little we come closer to our adoption money saving goal. We are hoping to have the upcoming Philippines country fee saved up for by the end-of-the year.

We are still recycling aluminum cans and are adding that $ amount to our fund regularly. Jaidyn has made a game of it and takes her own little sack along on our stroller rides and keeps track of how many we find out on our walk. Please continue to save cans for us and let us know when you have some and we will be glad to pick them up.


Niki said...

A great success!

Yard sales are fabulous!


Jenn said...

Yeah Jenny!!! It will HAPPEN!!! :-)