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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To Us!!


Sadly, I turned the BIG 30 yesterday and today Wes celebrates (he has to work) his 29th birthday. I really hated to leave my 20's and it only makes it worse that Wes gets to rub it in for one more year. We have a busy week...My Birthday, Wes's Birthday, Our 6th Wedding Anniversary, and Father's Day. The best part about having them all in one week is I only have to bake one cake or in my case, BUY one cake. Baking isn't really something that I enjoy doing. We are headed to the Lake today to spend the weekend and celebrate. I am hoping for lots of sunny weather and look forward to an enjoyable time. Thank you to everyone who sent us birthday wishes through email, cards, and phone calls.

Our two little Cutie-Patooties!


Michaels babydoll said...

Happy birthday to you both. I will be 28 this august. I to am in no hurry to hit 30. But its part of life so embrace it. Hope to see some pic's from the lake.

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you guys!!! How fun (and busy) is this week!?! That's awesome - I guess you can never forget your anniversary :) I hope you have a great time this weekend!

joanne|n|dennis said...

30 isn't too bad ;). Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to the both of you (and Happy Father's Day to Wes)! I hope your family is enjoying the weekend at the lake :).

Renee and Brian said...

Happy Birthday to you two. I just turned 30 last year and it wasn't too bad. Actually it feels the exact same as 29! Hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Jenny said...

Thanks girls for all the birthday, anniversary and Father's Day wishes! I will be sure to post a few pictures of our weekend at the lake sometime this week.