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Friday, September 5, 2008

Addy's 1st Day of Preschool


Addy attended her first day of preschool today. She has been so excited for her day today all week as we have taken Jaidyn twice earlier in the week. As soon as we got inside I led her over to the wall to hang her backpack. She refused to let me take off her backpack and took off towards the slide. I let her slide down the indoor play slide a couple of times and then once again tried to get her to take her backpack off, and again I was not successful. By this time several other children had arrived and most were crying as the teachers were trying to pry them out of their parent's arms (this is a class of 16 two-year olds). I quickly diverted Addy's attention to the large play caterpillar and then exited the preschool as I knew that she would be upset if she saw me leave. I felt sorry for the teachers as I am sure they had a long morning ahead, and at the same time I was thinking, I sure am glad that I am subbing at the high school today. Later that morning my mom and Jaidyn picked Addy up and they could hear Addy fussing. The teacher said that last 1/2 hour she really started missing her mommy. Aww, I love my little Addy! She missed me!


We can't believe our baby is now a big girl and in preschool.

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Renee and Brian said...

Jenny, she just looks so cute with her little backpack on. Kids grow up way too quickly, or so I've been told! I hope that your rainy weather has been replaced with some sunshine. We are supposed to get the tail end of a hurricane here over the next few days. I don't look forward to that!