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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Little Fish"


Jaidyn had her first day of preschool yesterday and has graduated from being a "Polliwog" last year to a "Little Fish". She is so proud of her new preschool status. She will go the preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays. It is so funny to hear her prounounce "preschool" as it sounds like she is saying "Pretty School".

Addy will go to preschool on Fridays and will be in a "Polliwog" class. When she saw Jaidyn wearing her backpack Tuesday morning, she went and found a small purple Barbie themed backpack in the dress-up clothes box to wear. She is so excited to attend her first day on Friday.


Addy and I will get to have lots of Mommy and Me time each week while Jaidyn is at preschool. On Tuesday, she helped me get groceries as we went to Wal-mart, Aldi's and Walgreens. Yes, I am a bargain shopper, so I have my lists with all of my coupons. Addy's patience doesn't really last all that long with my shopping technique and she would rather not sit through each isle while I search for the exact product that I am matching my coupons to while still comparing it with the price of the generic store brand. She also always wants me to hold her while pushing the shopping cart and this definitely doesn't work with a cart full of groceries. I wish you all could witness some of the fits that she throws when I make her sit in the grocery cart. She also had to go potty in all three stores and I really hate using public bathrooms, especially with her. Yucky, yucky germs! Hopefully tomorrow our time together will be a little more low keyed as we are going to attend story hour at the library. But then again, Addy has the ability to turn anything low keyed in to a whirlwind experience.

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