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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Halloween Yet?

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I look forward to the 1st of October when I can officially put out all of my Halloween holiday decorations (sometimes I sneak them in the last week of September). The past few days I have been scavenging online websites for Fall and Halloween decoration ideas and came across Emmie Cakes with adorable banners. The Halloween banner kit was too cute and I couldn't help myself and had to purchase it. My package arrived earlier this week and I was so excited to receive something in the mail with my name on it besides a bill. This afternoon, while Wes and Addy napped, Jaidyn and I crafted.

My sister Jill will be glad to know that all of the materials for the banner all came pre-cut in a kit. Anyone who has ever done scrapbooking with me knows that I can't cut a straight line. This is why I really need to upgrade to digital scrapbooking and then not being able to cut straight won't be a dilema. Thankfully, the kit came with a very detailed instruction sheet and all I had to do was glue, paper punch and tie to a string. Easy Peasy! :)

Jaidyn busily used my scrapbooking scraps to make a Gorilla...can't you tell.

Here is my finished banner and isn't it cute? Yes, I realize that it isn't centered on the mantel and that some of the ribbons need adjusted, but I will wait until the actual hanging in October to make all of the adjustments.


The McFarland Family said...


That is adorable! Do you care if I feature it? BTW, love your hair! Ours is very similar.

the Kargis Family said...

Great Job. I'm so excited that you liked it and it worked out for you. thanks,

Oatsvall Team said...

thanks for stopping by my blog ... i do love all holidays because i just love an excuse to get everyone together and hang out and eat lots of food ...

Kim Kenward said...

Jenny - Thanks for stopping by my blog. You'll definitely have to keep an eye on my blog come October. Our family is seriously into Halloween. Our decorations fill an entire store room. I can see by your blog entry, that you also enjoy this fun holiday. Cheers!

Renee and Brian said...

Wow, that banner really looks great. Halloween is also my favorite holiday and Fall is my favorite season. I just love the cool weather and the colour of the leaves. I look forward to seeing pictures of your little ones in their costumes. I'm sure they be just adorable!

Do it yourselfer said...

so cute...i love your banner!