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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fat Tooth

Earlier this morning Jaidyn and Addy were playing and Jaidyn ran right into the back of Addy's head. Ouch! I was telling Jaidyn she had a fat lip while I was giving her an ice pack to put on it and she informs me that she doesn't have a fat lip, but a fat tooth. Even after she looked at herself in the mirror, she blamed the ouchie on her fat tooth. Whatever??? She also didn't keep the ice pack on very long as she said she couldn't talk if she was holding it to her mouth. Heaven forbid "Triple J" (Jabber Jaws Jaidyn) can't talk. She lives up to this nickname well. After about a 15 minute rest she was back to being her normal self. A fat tooth isn't going to set her back. She has been outside washing cars with her daddy, had a picnic lunch in the front yard, and is now outside riding her bike in her swimsuit (she wore this earlier today to help wash cars).
Isn't this a sad face? :(
Addy giving her sister a big hug. Apparently the back of her head doesn't hurt as much as Jaidyn's mouth.

I also wanted to post a few pictures of Addy in her leotard before her first official gymnastics lesson. She is so proud to wear a leotard and loves being in the same class as Jaidyn. You should see the size of this leotard. It is the smallest ones that I have seen and I would be lucky to be able to slip it over one of my legs.



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Anonymous said...

Tooooooo cute!!! Those outfits are so adorable. Nastia and Shawn, look out!!

The fat tooth face is so dang cute too :)