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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do We Have An Olympic Hopeful?


As of last night, Jaidyn has officially passed Kindgergym Level 1 at gymnastics class. Is she an olympic hopeful? Probably not, but she is movin' on up to the next level of Kindergym Level 2. To move to the next level she had to pass 19 different skills. Some of her successfully completed skills include a log roll, egg roll, swing on bar in tuck position, walk sideways and forward on balance beam and hanging travel down the horizontal bar. We think she has some talent and any future gymnastic olympians better watch out for this little fire cracker. Hopefully genetics play a part in this, as you should see her dad's toe touch. Wes can also do a pretty good split leap jump. I better stop talking about Wes and his secret talents...he is going to kill me. :)

It was a really small class, so Addy joined in as a trial class. She wants so badly to wear a leotard like her big sisiter. She did a very good job and followed directions fairly well (which surprised me). The gymnastic instructor said that she would be fine in class as she is fearless and not afraid to try anything. I had planned to wait until she was 3 like Jaidyn before enrolling her, but it is really tough for her to sit and watch her big sister. Plus if we are going to make the 30 minute trip one-way to get there, Addy might as well join in.


Rachel said...

Fun stuff!! I've always loved gymnastics, and it's so fun to watch kids in their classes. Jaidyn looks so cute in her leotard. I bet Addy will look super cute in one too!

Renee and Brian said...

Sounds like lots of fun and of course it's great exercise! The girls are just beautiful and they will make the cutest little gymnasts.

The McFarland Family said...

Your Kids are sooooo cute!!! Way to go on the gymnastics. It is so good for kids to be involved. Looks like you are an amazing mamma!

Renee and Jeremy said...

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