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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Congraulations to the Nalagan Family


Yea! Yesterday the Nalagan family received a referral for a baby boy from the Philippines. We have yet to meet the Nalagan family personally, but do hope to meet them in the near future. They too, are adopting through Holt International and we keep missing them at the Holt PIP meetings and functions. They are in the St. Louis area so hopefully we will be able to meet up with them sometime on a visit to see my sister Jill. Renz is a 12 month old healthy baby boy and he turns 1 year tomorrow. He is so cute and has a ton of hair for a 1 year old, or at least I am comparing how much hair he has to my daughter Addy at one year. I am sure the Nalagan family will be doing a birthday celebration in honor of Renz's first birthday. Renz will be joining their other son, Tino and I am sure they will become the best of friends. To leave them a congratulatory comment, please visit their blog.

Baby Nalagan Blog


the Kargis Family said...

Hi Jenny,
I am the owner of emmie cakes and heard from Sassy Mei that you were having trouble getting to my site. The address is myemmiecakes.blogspot.com if you still have trouble getting to this, you can email me at emmiecakes.blogspot.com.
Thanks for the interest.

Rachel said...

YAY!!!!!! Another referral?!?!! This is just so crazy exciting :) Your day is coming!