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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jib Jab Gold Medal Diver

Earlier this week Jaidyn received a message and a JibJab Sendables E-card video from her Mama LaLa.
"Jaidyn, You keep practicing your diving and MaMa LaLa will come watch you in the olympics. I love you."

Olympic Diver JibJab E-card

Jaidyn has loved watching it over and over and is expecting a Gold Medal and Trophy from her Mama LaLa next time she sees her. :) She aleady wants to try out the diving board at the pool. Too bad they are all closed for the season. Her jumps and dives off of the dock at the lake will have to work for now.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaidyn,
I am so proud of you graduating from kindergym! You are a natural. Keep up the hard work in gymnastics because this will be an excellent foundation for your Olympic sport, which will be diving!
I will see you this Friday and MaMa LaLa will present you with your gold medal and trophy! We will have an awards ceremony....Go USA..GO Jaidyn...nice ring..Get use to it!
See you soon. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Look out world...Addy has enrolled in gymnastics and must be one of the cutest little gymnast that ever put on a leotard! Your hard head will certainly be an advantage, but we do need Jaidyn to keep her teeth for just a little while longer. You look so grown up in your pictures. I'll see you soon. I luv U. MaMa LaLa