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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Black Bugs


Most of this past month at preschool has been devoted to caring for your teeth. Today Jaidyn's class had a visit from a dentist, who showed a video of a trip to the dentist, talked about proper brushing, and gave out a teeth brushing sticker chart and toothbrush. Jaidyn is pretty proud of her knew knowledge from the Dentist about teeth and has been rattling off everything she has learned today. So tonight at dinner this is our conversation.

Jaidyn: "Mommy, you have quite a few cavities in the back of your mouth." (she opens her mouth and points to her back teeth)
Me: I just nod, agreeing with her
Jaidyn: "How did you get so many "black bugs" in your mouth? Did you know they make cavities?"
Me: I am thinking, black bugs...gross! How am I going to explain this one to her? "I must not have brushed my teeth good enough when I was your age".
Jaidyn: She continues to look at me with a disgusted face and those big blue eyes. "Well, Daddy doesn't have that many cavities, so he must not have any black bugs in his mouth like me."
Me: Great, now she thinks her daddy outdoes me in the mouth hygiene category...I seriously doubt it.
Wes: Wes, of course has to chime in. "Yep, I only have a few cavities and have really healthy teeth".
Jaidyn: "So how do you get rid of black bugs in your mouth?"
Wes: "You have to brush your teeth really good and use your Scooby Dooby Doo mouthwash."

Great, now my daughter has visions of me having a mouthful of little black bugs. At least the dentist could have called them "sugar bugs" or something a little better than "black bugs".

Well, I better go and take care of the little black bugs probably running around my mouth from dinner tonight. :)


Renee and Brian said...

Good luck with getting rid of those little black bugs! I'm sure I have a few of my own.

Bruce Bills said...

At least Jaidyn learned a lot from the dentist's visit. Now with some helping from Mommy and Daddy, She won't have those black bugs she was talking about. By now, you would have taken those bugs she saw on your teeth as well.