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Friday, April 4, 2008


I feel like I need to explain myself, I don't know why, but I do. I can't decide whether I am trying to explain how we are able to afford this adoption or explain why we are doing small fundraisers along the way. I am still trying to pull my thoughts together so this post might just be one big rambling and not make any sense at all. Here goes...

When we first started the adoption process, many of our family and friends were deeply concerned about the money that it was going to cost us to complete the adoption. I have to admit, that adoption is costly and the financial aspect of the adoption was one of Wes and I's greatest concerns also. However, when we completely decided to follow God's invitation and opened our hearts to this experience we knew that he would provide all that we need. God has already blessed us as a family in so many ways and he has generously provided more than we could ever ask for. We have ALL that we need and SOME of what we could ever want. This adoption process has opened my eyes to the poverty that is right outside my front door, my town, and the world I live in. In fact, many times I feel guilty about my life of beautiful plenty. We are primarily a one-income family and are able to live very comfortably with the salary that Wes brings home and any extra income that I can make through selling on Ebay. We are able to live in a nice home with a big yard. I can stay home with both Jaidyn and Addision (which I have always hoped I would be able to do), and that means everything to me. We are able to tithe, pay our bills, send our daughter's to preschool, invest in IRA's, and have some money left over for special outings/activites. I am very thankful that we have loving grandparents and relatives that babysit for free and help with our home maintenance projects. Living frugally, watching our grocery budget, shopping garage sales all helps to make this possible. I have found this way of life to not only be good for the wallet and good for the planet, but good for the soul as well. I know Wes is given a hard time about our (my) frugality from his friends, but it's how we got to where we are financially and it is also how we'll get where we want to be even more quickly. It reduces stress, knowing we can make it on less than we make. It gives us shared goals to work on and helps keep our marriage strong. It is amazing to me how much less materialistic I have become since we have had children and since we have decided to adopt. Buying a pair of summery sandals that would look great with one of my dresses doesn't seem so important when I know the money could be put towards our adoption savings. I think I can make the sandals that have the deep foot imprint last one more summer. Ha! Okay, maybe not...I might need to splurge.


Speaking of shared goals, our current goal is to be able to fund this adoption without taking out any loans. This is why we are doing small fundraisers along the way. Why do we need to fundraise? Some of you have been through, are going through, or plan to go through with an adoption of a child so you know about it all too well, but some of you might not understand. So if you are confused by the fact that we need to fundraise for this adoption, here is my best explanation. There are a lot of expenses involved in an international adoption. Our first fees included the initial application fee, homestudy fee, dossier fee, psycholigical evaluation fees, medical evaluation fees and our I-600A visa application fees. We are now saving for the upcoming country fee that is due once we receive our referral, which will hopefully be sometime in the early months of 2009. This is our largest fee due at one time. Then we will have the travel fees, lawyer fees to fully legalize the adoption and the post-adoption fees. We are not in a desperate situation. We feel that we have planned for this and have come up with ways to be able to put back money. We do have the financial resources to raise all of our children, but it is just hard to come up with such large extra amounts of money to cover the upfront expenses and in such a short amount of time.

Our two fundraisers in addition to my ongoing Ebay sales include our upcoming garage sale in May and the collection of aluminum cans. I have already taken our can collection and a trash can full of cans from my parents to the recycling center and have deposited that amount into our adoption account. Every little bit is greatly appreciated and puts us one step closer to bringing our child home.

Just in case anyone is still reading this and still trying to make sense of it all, I just wanted to let you all know that we really do appreciate all of the love and support that our family and friends have provided us throughout this process. And we know that there are already so many people who are celebrating our decision to adopt!


Jenn said...

Jenny, I'm so glad you are doing these fundraisers along the way!! When I was adopting Yan the benefit yard sale was the BEST!! It was so much fun, everyone got their stuff cleared out, and people that shopped were very generous when they saw what a great cause it was going to.

Make sure you put out posters talking about your adoption, and a jar for donations too! You'll be surprised how it touches peoples hearts and may also lead others to act on that tug on their heart to adopt! Blessings! Jenn

Julie said...

I totally understand your post. We too live frugally and I think it makes our marriage stronger also. We talk about every dime that is spent and respect each other's needs. Plus we are teaching our kids that you have to save for what you want. I also understand the cost of adoption. We are dreading, but saving up for, the referral payment also. I can't wait until we can say we did it all with cash and no loans. Good luck on your fundraising.

Michaels babydoll said...

When Michael & I started our adoption we had others voice their concerns. Financing was definately one of them. It was not that we were poor but we were not rich either. We paid out of pocket as much as we could then were forced to get a loan. In our case we did not have any children and others did not see the necessity of having a child. From the moment Michael & I met we spoke of children. We wanted 4 or 5 (not looking like that will happen). We did not care how natural, adopted, etc. We just wanted to be parents.
I to am a very good bargain shopper. Weather its going into RICH neighborhoods for yard sales or going to the clearance rack I try to save $. And with coupons I can pretty much walk out of the store with 60.00 worth groceries for under 30.00. Lets just say my son is derssed better than I am from my yard sales..... Example got him 2 bins of Gap clothing at a yard sale 10 cents a peice!!! Insane ....
Anyway what I am trying to say is do what is right for you. Do not worry about the others cause in the end all you really have is FAMILY...

And I would be happy if you added my blog to your list. thanks!

Anonymous said...

we haven't done a fundraiser...yet...but I think it's a great way to re-use/recycle/reduce waste, etc. I totally agree w/ you--we have our occasional splurges, but living within our means is its own peace of mind. best of luck on the fundraising. --emilie

Niki said...

What an admirable thing you are doing!


God Bless your family!

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Jenny said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I will be sure to post back with the results of the garage sale fundraiser.

Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate all of the advice and support you have given us throughout our journey.