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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lengua Estofado Anyone?


Inspired by the Chicken Adobo that I made a month ago, I ordered the Philippine Recipes Made Easy book by Violeta A. Noriega. This book had many great reviews so I thought it would be a great recipe book to start with. I basically wanted a book to serve as a guide to easy, authentic tasting Philippine recipes. I really like how underneath each recipe name is what it is in English and all the recipes seem very easy to follow (anyone who knows me well, knows that the kitchen is not my area of expertise).

After skimming through the book, I think I will stick with the chicken, pork, and dessert dishes. Just in case anyone is wondering, Lengua Estofado is Ox Tongue in Tomato Sauce. The first ingredient on the list is 1 ox tongue, about 2 lbs. Yuck! Do they even sell ox tongues in US grocery stores? I don't think Wes would try this one and he will eat about anything.


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