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Saturday, November 15, 2008



No, this isn't a picture of my hair, but it might as well be. A couple of weeks ago Wes was standing over me while I was sitting at the computer and casually made the comment that he could see some gray hairs. Are you kidding me...??? I told him that it must be the light shining on it from the window and highlighting it to that color. He mentioned it again later in the week as he still thought that he was seeing some again. This time I completely ignored him, as it secretly bugged the crap out of me. This past Wednesday I had my hair cut and colored and so I figured I would ask my hairdresser. And, yes she did say she could find a few strands of gray. I begged her to pluck them out, but she wouldn't. As if plucking them out would get rid of them. At least now they are covered with blond high-lites and low-lites.

Gray, ugh! I refuse to call it gray! I think I will refer to it as silver. I just turned 30! I wasn't expecting silver until at least until I was in to the 40's. I can't figure out who to blame it on. Dad, Mom, which one of you silvered early? Are Jaidyn and Addy causing me to silver early? Maybe I can just blame it all on Wes. When I am old, I will embrace silver hair. For now, I dye.

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