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Friday, April 17, 2009

Dirtball & a Surprise

Everytime Addy goes outside to play it almost never fails that she looks like this...
We ask her if she has been eating dirt and she just grins and says, "Yeeessss".

Earlier this week when I got back from my run, Jaidyn grabbed me at the door telling me she had a surprise for me. She made me close my eyes and walked me in to the kitchen.

I opened my eyes to see this...
Guess who??? She said that is is a picture of her baby brother and what he is going to look like. I am glad that she told me as I was going to guess it was a caterpillar crawling out of a cocoon. I just love the 3 strands of spikey black hair. Jaidyn can hardly stand the wait for a referral of her sibling. I think she dreams of him like I do. :)


Rachel said...

I love Addy's answer. hee hee

And I love love love the picture Jaidyn drew of her baby brother!! The 3 strands of hair are adorable :)

Renee and Brian said...

That is one cute baby boy that Jaidyn drew. She is going to be quite the artist. She is going to be so happy when you finally recieve your referral.
Addy reminds me of me when I was her age. I loved to make mud pies and yes, sometimes I would even sample them! Yuck!

Amber said...

What a wonderful surprise! That picture is just so sweet...
You have a beautiful family, and any child will be blessed to be a part of it! I hope that you guys get a referral real soon :0)

Jenn said...

I love her face! And the pic, well that was awesome! I was just thinking about you today wondering how you were, then logged onto my (neglected) blog and saw your post.

Praying that you get your referral quickly!!! Hugs!