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Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Haircut & Rainy Days

Addy is so excited about turning three next week. We decided to let her get her first haircut as she turns 3, mainly to help make her hair appear thicker. Poor girl has straight, thin, thin hair. She sat so still and looked in a hand held mirror the entire time.



Rain, Rain Go Away! We have had rain in the forecast the past 3 days and the next 7 days show rain also. I am having my garage sale the next 2 days and the forecast doesn't look very promising. I really need to unload some things so I hope the weather doesn't effect people coming out. Jaidyn and Addy put on their rubber boots and jumped around in the puddles today while Wes and I carried up boxes from the basement (actually he carried them up from the basement and I met him at the door and carried them to the carport). Aren't they so cute in their tie-dyed t-shirts? They made these at their Mama LaLa's and Papa J.R.'s house last week.





La Las said...

Hello Family,
How did your garage sale go? I was thinking of you and hoping the rain didn't get the best of you. I see you had good help....the shirts look so cute on the girls, but what wouldn't look cute on those two adorable babies. I love Addy's haircut. Tell her she looks like a big girl about to turn three. Looking forward to her BD party. Love you all! La La

Amber said...

The girls are too cute in their rainboots! My niece also had really fine, thin,fair hair when she was a baby...actually, she looked bald for the longest time! Now she's seven, and she has the most beautiful long golden hair :0)
Good luck with the garage sale, I hope the weather's nice!

Renee and Brian said...

I love the t-shirts. They remind me of when I was young. We used to tie dye our shirts at church camp. Good luck with the garage sale and I hope the rain goes away. We are supposed to get rain the next three days as well.

Jenny said...

The garage sale went great until about 1:00 when the rain hit and the cold front came in. We sold a lot of things this morning, but really think if we would have had nice weather this afternoon it would have helped the afternoon sales as they were pretty much non-existent.

I have heard other people say that same thing...they knew people who had super fine hair as babies and then it was beautiful as they grew older. I hope Addy's turns out that way. :)