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Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Step Closer...

This morning, we received our approval of the I-171 Visa Petition form. Yea! Our agency said that this would take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. The shortest amount of time they have ever had anyone receive this notice was in 12 days. We received ours in 10 days. Thank you to the USCIS offic in Kansas City for processing our visa application form so quickly. We will now follow up with NVC which is the office that receives our file from the USCIS field office. They will be forwarding our information to the appropriate embassies.

To anyone, who has been to this stage before...how long was your wait from this point until you were given permission to travel?

If only they knew how exciting is was to be holding this piece of paper. They are really having a hard time understanding why every time we hop in to the car to go get groceries, etc. that we just can't pick up their brother on the way.

For part of the library summer reading program, Jaidyn had to draw a picture of our family.

I just have to share pictures of our Day Lilies. Last summer, I bought several starts to Day Lilies from a garage sale. This lady had a photo album with all the different varieties she had. She was insanely organized with her Day Lilies. We are completely enjoying all of them this summer. Here is a view of the flowers from our deck. Too bad they only last for a day and I can't really bring them inside to put in a vase.


Julie said...

I hope you don't follow our timeline,but you know ours. The real timeline is a week or so later you will get NVC approval and then you should leave a month after that if all goes well. Our NVC approval was sent twice...April 21st and June 12th, here's to traveling in July!!

Joanne said...

Very exciting news! I pray you (and Julie) will travel VERY soon!!!

Rachel said...

I had to go back and look at ours. We got our approval October 9, after our file had gone missing at the MN USCIS office. We left for the Philippines on December 13. Here's the link to our timeline: http://filipinobambino.wordpress.com/about/

emilie said...

the lilies are beautiful!
Our USCIS approval was 5/22, NVC approval was 5/29, we traveled on 6/27. You are very close!

Allison Family said...

Our travel was delayed some by his rejected passport picture that had to be resubmitted. I don't remember exactly the date of our approval letter but we received our referral Sept. 2 and traveled March 13th. Ours was a little longer than most, too, but the timing ended up being perfect for everything. Good luck! You are close!

Brenda said...

Congratulations! I just love the family picture - very sweet!

Renee and Brian said...

It is amazing just to think that you may be travelling to your boy in a month or less! I hope that you do travel soon and that things continue on at this lightening bolt speed.
Your daylilies are beautiful. I just love all the different colours.

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

Congrats on being so close to travel. My husband and I adopted our daughter from Guatemala in 2006and we are now in process to adopt a boy from the Philippines, that is how I found your blog. I am so excited for you. Have a safe and blessed week.