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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Celebration!

Last month we had so much to celebrate with the Toombs family. I am just now posting because I forgot my camera that day and wanted to get copies of the pictures before posting. The girls and I (Wes had to work the MU football game) joined the rest of the family to celebrate birthdays, a new home, and most importantly the arrival of our nephew. Heston is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. I am sure that as he grows older he won't appreciate the word "beautiful", so I will change it to "cute" when the time is appropriate. The girls had a wonderful time playing with their relatives, painting pumpkins and visiting McKenna's Pumpkin Patch. Here a few pictures of the weekend. I have made a slide show with all of the pictures. Enjoy!





LaLa said...

Jenny and Girls: Thanks for making the trip to the family celebration! It gave PaPa and I a good reason to act like little kids again especially at the McKenna Pumpkin Patch. We missed Wes, but I'm sure he will enjoy the pictures and all the tales from the girls.
Love ya all.
La La

Renee and Brian said...

Jenny,your new little nephew is beautiful. There is just something so irresistable about babies! Looks like the family celebration was lots of fun. The only thing about family celebrations is that I always tend to eat to much, but I think that is why I have so much fun!

Jenny said...

Yes, I always tend to eat too much at family gatherings. I think it is something about eating when you don't have to cook it. :)