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The Collins Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~ Sunday Afternoon Lunch ~

This past Sunday afternoon we were treated to lunch by Papa JR and Mama LaLa. Jaidyn and Addy love any amount of time that they get to spend with all of their grandparents.

I purposely didn't crop out the dress hanging on the wall behind them as Lauretta is thinking about getting a dress similar to wear for the Christmas holiday season. What do you all think? I have always thought that she had pretty good taste when it comes to clothing, but I am beginning to rethink that thought.



Haley said...

I think my mom is crazy! ha ha

Jaidyn looks adorable in that hat.

We miss you all. Thanks for the pics we got in the mail...you are so on top of it. I'm like o Holloween is in a week I better get a costume for Haven. ha

Love you guys

MaMa LaLa said...

I was really trying to get some ideas as to what you would like for Christmas when we were talking about the dress on the wall. You said at the time that you liked the dress too. Next time you go back to the restuarant you'll see that the dress is gone. Merry Christmas! Love you too! LaLa
P.S. We loved seeing you all too...great times as usual! We are all very lucky to be parents and grandparents to a very special family. These are the days we get rewarded for all those late nights walking the floor over you! UMMM..sounds like a song title!