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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Money in the Bowl

I just have to share a funny Jaidyn story. Earlier this week, while I was in the kitchen trying to get something together for dinner and Wes was sitting at the kitchen table reading, Jaidyn enters wearing only a grass skirt and a purple sequin top from her dress-up box. She is carrying a bowl and proceeds to tell us that for a one dollar bill she will dance for us. Wes plays it off and tells her that I have all of his money and he doesn't have any dollar bills. I am wondering where in the heck she has come up with the grand idea to dance for money. Wes is of course blaming it on me and is wondering what kind of activities we are doing while I am at home with them. I ask Jaidyn about it and luckily, Jaidyn came up with this idea from watching her Barbie, Princess and the Pauper, movie. In the movie, the pauper is singing on the streets and has a bowl out hoping some people will drop in some coins as they pass by. Jaidyn settled for a dime from each of us as that is what I could scrounge out of my purse. Silly Girl!




Renee and Brian said...

Kids say the funniest things! You have to love it. Those two girls are just so cute!

MaMa LaLa said...

HMMMMMM....This makes a grandmother begin to worry especially when I add the story you told me about one of her favorite Christmas gifts she recieved. She is a mess and quite the entertainer....I Love It.
La La