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The Collins Family

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~ Sledding ~

Jaidyn and Addy went down for their naps today without argument as Wes had promised them as soon as he got home from work they could go sledding. Here they are all bundled up. And of course I am standing on the porch, just stepping outside long enough to take some pictures.


Our yard has a nice little slope, but it is nothing like the hill they found over at the park. I could see them out the kitchen window and was able to watch them while cooking dinner. Wes got a great workout in and was sweating by the time he got back to the house. He would push the girls down the hill and then jog down to get them and bring them back to the top just so they could do it all over again.


filipinobambino said...

Fun!!! I bet the girls had a blast :) My parents have a huge sledding hill, and I still love getting a group together to make runs with jumps to sled down. But it has to be just under freezing or warmer for me to go outside!

Julie said...

I'm like you I stand out on the deck and take pictures then go back in quickly:) I don't enjoy below zero like the rest of the family and don't find the fun in sledding like them enough to go outside. I'm glad they had a fun day playing in the snow.

Renee and Brian said...

Well the girls finally got sliding! Looks like they had a great time. I love sliding too and have a crazy carpet. It is totally dangerous but it's a ton of fun!

Michaels babydoll said...

We are all buried in snow I see.
But I can not complain ours finally melted and today it is 65 but tomorrow back to 35.
I just wanted to say hi.... my blog is back up and running