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The Collins Family

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!


Here's to 2009 bringing us a referral (hopefully early in to the new year) and all while continuing to receive both love and joy in abundance from our children. We are excited about what this year may bring to us in terms of faith, family, home, and friendship.

I would spend some time coming up with some grand resolutions for the new year, but found that in the past they were usually broken about mid-January, only to make me feel incompetent in the goals that I had planned to reach. However, I would like to spend less time wishing God thought the way I wish He thought and more time figuring out how He really thinks and what He wants from and for me. The selfish part of myself knows that I would have already given us a referral by now. The patience in me helps to remind myself that our turn will come soon enough...all in God's timing. :)


Joanne said...

Happy New Year! I constantly have to keep reminding myself that our turn will eventually arrive and that I need to trust God's plan for our family. The wait is getting harder and harder though... I hope you guys hear something really, really soon!

Renee and Brian said...

I hope that this is the year we all receive our referrals and I'm sure that by the end of this year both you and Joanne will have travelled to pick up your little ones. It is so exciting to think that soon we will see our childrens faces and will learn all about them. Have a Happy New Year!!

Jenn said...

Praying that this year brings you a referral very quickly!!!!