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Sunday, January 11, 2009



A couple of weeks ago we received our passports in the mail. Back in December, we thought that we would go ahead and fill out the paperwork and get our passports out of the way and taken care of so it would be one less paperwork piece and fee that we would need to take care of. I have had my passport sitting on my desk for the past couple of weeks and seeing it everyday has kept reminding me that I have it, yet no where to go with it, or at least not yet. I finally filed it away in Wes's Valet so I don't have to look at it and make it be a constant reminder that we don't have a referral yet.


Renee and Brian said...

Hopefully you will be putting those passports to good use sometime in 2009. Do you plan on taking the girls when you travel to the Philippines?

Jenny said...

We are leaving the girls here. It would be just too much to take them along, plus they aren't at an age where they would remember the experience much anyways. And reading The Ribars blog has definitely confirmed our decision to leave them at home. I think the transition with our new little one will be plenty. :)

Dawn said...

Jenny, how long have you guys been ICAB approved? It is 15 months for us now, sigh.must be some extremely special bambinos just not quite ready yet! Hang in there!