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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Out of many, we are one"

Out of many, we are one."

As I sit here glued to NBC's Today Show this morning, my heart is filled with joy as I am excited about witnessing (even if it is through the TV) an extraordinary historical American event. Yesterday, I thought about how our country has come along way since the days of Martin Luther King Jr.
As a country we need to be brought together and I think that Barack Obama has the capacity to move our country forward. I believe that through this election, our country is going to experience the blessing of HOPE and CHANGE.
While I wouldn't want to be him or be in his shoes, it is so nice to see someone who is willing to take on the challenges that our country faces with a sense of calamity and a winning smile.
God Bless Barack Obama and his family!

On a side note...I am so in to the fashion of the 1st Lady. I am looking forward to the revealing of the inaugural dress that Michelle Obama will wear tonight for the Inauguration Balls this evening. Sad to say, but she will probably be my focal point this evening. I love her sleek and simple yet FIERCE sense of style. I am sure whatever she picks will be stunning. :)


How To Start A Business In North Carolina said...

It has been a long journey for improvements on civil rights and equality, and with Obama being sworn in, the civil rights movement have come full circle since the “I have a dream speech”. I hope Obama can concentrate on increasing jobs, advancing education, and the decreasing of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Renee and Brian said...

I cannot imagine all of the excitement in the U.S. today. We flew out of Canada to Los Angeles on Nov. 4th/08 and when we arrived people were everywhere in the streets celebrating. It was so amazing just to be a witness to this moment. Today must have been another one of those amazing moments.

emilie said...

I agree with you --it was an absolutely inspiring day.

Martha said...

Hi Jenny, I wanted to thank you for your input on my blog the other day. I only wish I was as optimistic as the crowds. I guess there are too many fundamental differences between the President's world view and mine for me to be excited. But, that has been the case other times and life goes on for all. I have a God who is bigger than anything and He is my hope.