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The Collins Family

Monday, May 18, 2009

~ Introducing our Son ~


Isn't he perfect?

The lower picture is a picture of his Hemangioma. A hemangioma of infancy is a benign self involuting tumour of endothelial cells (the cells that line blood vessels). In most cases it appears during the first days or weeks of life and will have resolved at the latest by age 10.

I still can't believe that he is ours. After months of reading about other referrals and seeing pictures of their child(ren)and dreaming of when our day would come I still sometimes have to remind myself that he is actually ours. We have had his file reviewed by our family doctor and have officially accepted the referral. His report has so much information about his birth mother and father and we are so fortunate to know so much of his background early on in life. Now we have to wait to receive his legal documents. This usually takes 3-5 weeks. Once we have received these, we will be able to file our I-600. In the meantime, we will fill out our acceptance paperwork packet that we should receive in a couple of days.

We are going to change his name to Levi Jax. This is something that Wes and I have debated about for quite some time, but feel completely confident in choosing this name. In his referral report he was referred to as Lee as it is his middle name. So we just expanded on his middle name a little coming up with Levi. Our family has always liked the name Jaxon as Addy would have been given that name had she been a boy. Back when we started the process just over 2 years ago, Jaidyn would tell people that she was going to have a baby brother and his name was going to be Jaxson. We have compromised with her and have shortened it to Jax for his middle name. This name will be passed along to his caregivers so that they can start calling him his chosen name. His legal name will stay the same until the adoption is finalized, but we will still be able to call him by the name we have given to him.

On our end, we will stay on top of any paperwork that needs to be completed and hopefully the other parts of the process will go smoothly and we will have Levi home with us as soon as possible. Now, the really hard wait begins.


Renee and Brian said...

Your new son is just perfect and he is just adorable! Levi is a beautiful name and it suits him. I hope that everything goes by smoothly and that you won't wait too long to travel.

Rachel said...

What a sweetie! Levi is such a cute name! I will be praying that everything goes smoothly and that you can bring him home soon!

Joanne said...

He's definitely perfect and I LOVE his name! Thanks for sharing pictures of him. I can't wait to see pics of the 5 of you together. :)

trueloveandhomegrowntomatoes said...

congratulations again. he is a beautiful child.

Anonymous said...

Wow! We are so excited to meet the newest member of our family...he looks like PaPa JR...but much cutter of course!

We are so so happy for you and we can't wait for this loooong wait to be over! We love him already...Hunter and I felt so emotional looking at his pictures...he is precious, and we love his name.

Thanks for sharing.

Tam-A-Roo said...

Congratulations! He's beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

Desiree B said...

He's adorable!! I'm so happy for your family! :-)

Anonymous said...

He looks like a football player. Cant wait to see him and give him a big hug. Uncle Bear

Amber said...

What an adorable little boy! I'm so happy and excited for you :0)
I'm hoping and praying that you get to travel to the Philippines very soon to bring him home to join his new family :0)
I bet the girls are super excited to meet their new brother :0)

Abbie said...

Congratulations to you! I saw your note on my blog and thought I'd come over to visit you! 2 years is such a long time to wait, but I bet it seems like nothing now that you have in your hand a picture of this little sweetie. I am so excited for you and your family, and for Levi. All the best to you, Abbie

Jared and Haylee said...

well, I have been checking this to see if there is any new news, and I am soooo excited for you guys! He is absolutely perfect! Tell Wes we said congrats on a baby boy!! Your girls will make amazing sisters!=)

One Crowded House said...

Hi Jenny- I am Matthew Borlase's sister in law.... he told me about your adoption adventure- and I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! and that I hope the rest of your paperwork process goes speedy quick. We have been down the adoption road twice now (one domestic and one international) and it is one of the most difficult things to wait for your child!

God bless your family and I hope your son is in your arms very quickly!

Tanya Borlase