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Sunday, September 27, 2009

~ Flood ~


It saddens me greatly to see that so many people suffering from the flooding in the Philippines. Media reports are saying this may be one of the worst flooding incidents for the Philippines. The metro Manila provinces are currently deeply effected. We were in so many of these areas less than two months ago. I just can't imagine these people who have nothing to begin with survive these horrific conditions. I imagine that the aftermath of the flooding will also be equally devastating. I am hugging Levi extra tight tonight as his orphanage (Malabon City) is in one of the areas hit by this storm outside of Manila. Please pray for the people of the Philippines.

Philippines Flooding YouTube Video

Gulf News Article and Pictures


Rachel said...

I hope all the babies at Levi's orphanage are okay. That is so sad! I am hoping to return to the Philippines this summer, but will be helping at a home 7 hours away from Manila. I hope to visit my friends in Manila. I miss being there. Once you go to the Philippines, you leave a piece of your heart there.

emilie said...

jenny, i heard from a social worker at HMV. Several barangays in Malabon were affected, including the one that HMV is at. The moms, babies, and staff all had to be evacuated to the second floor of the maternity building. Floodwaters almost reached the second floor of the maternity building. She says they need food and staff need clothes as these were lost with the flood. We are sad, worried, and trying to do what little we can to help from afar...~your fellow hmv mom