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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September is Here!

September is one of my favorite months of the year. I love that the weather is still warm, yet a little cooler. I am looking forward to the fall festivals and pumpkin patches (hopefully we will get to attend a few this year). Football and high school volleyball season is in full force. And my favorite holiday, Halloween is just around the corner.

Yet, as much as I like September, I am exhausted and am so glad to have survived the week so far. The girls had their first week of preschool as they only go Monday through Wednesday. While I knock out their preschool all in three days, it is somewhat hectic. Jaidyn goes at 8:00, Addy @ 9:00, Pick-up Jaidyn @ 10:30 and then Addy @ 11:30. I have one week down without forgetting to pick one of them up on time. In between time, I try and get errands done, groceries, and hopefully a walk with Levi in the stroller and my mom. On Tuesday, I also took Addy and Levi to story hour at the library and then the girls also started gymnastic lessons again that evening. My mom has been sooooo much help all week, as she kept Levi for periods of time, so that he didn't have to spend it all with me while I kept up with my taxi service for the two girls. Nana has him stacking toys, playing with puzzles, and talking on a play telephone. Won't be long and she will be pulling out the multiplication flash cards.

Levi has had a little bit of a rough week. I know much of it is due to the fact that our schedule is a crazy in the mornings and he is taking naps in other places besides his bed at home, so nothing still seems to be normal for him yet. He also has figured out how to climb stairs. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to get back down and did have a fall this past weekend. He has a few little scrapes (which are almost gone)and a bruise on his cute little face (thankfully it was carpeted stairs so it wasn't worse). I would have thought that this would have cautioned him a little bit with steps, but he still wants to climb them whenever he has the opportunity.
Levi fell asleep on Aunt Jill. He really took to her well last weekend. We kept wondering if he thought she was me. :)

This afternoon, instead of falling asleep almost immediately for his nap, he just talked to himself for almost 20 minutes. It was so cute to hear his voice babble about who knows what. This was the first time that I have really heard him babble for a long period of time.

Jaidyn and Addy have had a great week at preschool and love being back with their friends and meeting new little friends. Jaidyn told me today that a boy and girl (I won't use their names)in her class aren't in love anymore, but just friends. Seriously, she's only 4 and already having these conversations with her little friends. ???

I was also asking her today if she played with everyone in her class as she kind of tends to pair up with one or two people and she informed me that "there is only one Jaidyn" and she can't play with everyone. She does have a point, I guess.

Jaidyn's first day of preschool as a Bullfrog! The mornings were really cool (50's) so we had to wear jackets to start out the day.

Addy's first day of preschool as a Little Fish!

I had to run Addy down to get a hug and kiss before leaving as she didn't take anytime getting involved with the rice table in the play room.


Allison Family said...

I, too, love September but yes with school starting it is hectic. We have one in 6th and one in kindergarten and two playing soccer. Life is crazy but I know it only lasts a season. They grow up fast! Enjoy your moments with your three...they are all precious! Glad to hear things are going well with Levi.

Julie said...

What a schedule! I'll try to remember yours when I'm thinking mine is too much, wow. I'm sure you'll be a pro at it in no time.
I remember your Halloween decorations from last year on your blog, oh so cute. Can't wait to see this year's projects:)

Renee and Brian said...

You guys certainly are busy! How do you manage to keep everything straight!
It must have been so cute to hear Levi babbling. I'm sure it won't be long and he'll be talking non stop!