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Friday, December 19, 2008


We kind of had suspicions that Jaidyn and Addy might make the paper when Grandma Penny said that the newspaper reporter took their names after taking their picture with Santa last weekend. We had no idea that their picture would make the front page and be in color. Wow!


Before I had a chance to buy the paper, our post office clerk mentioned that our whole family is famous and that Wes and I were also in the paper. Immediately, all these crazy things were running through my head as I was trying to think of why we would be in the paper. And, on page 9, there we were making crafts at the Parents as Teachers Christmas party. Apparently, a picture with Wes and I in it just wasn't as cute as the one with just Jaidyn and Addy so it was only in black and white. Ha! :)

Paper purchases revenue should be up this week as we had proud grandparents and relatives who wanted a copy. I think I about cleaned out one of the paper stands.

Move over Covergirls, you have some competition. :)

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Renee and Brian said...

How neat is that! And to make the front page, I'm impressed! But your girls are just so cute I'm sure they couldn't resist putting them on the front.