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Thursday, December 25, 2008

~ Going Digital ~

My New Year's Resolution for the year is to buy and learn how to use a digital scrapbooking program. With the obsurd amount of photos that we take throughout an entire year it has become impossible to keep up with 2 little girls scrapbooks. I can't even begin to imagine adding a 3rd childs book to the mix. I can't take all of the credit for the pages that we have finished as my sister is the creative one (who can also cut straight). I took full advantage of my sister being in town for a couple of days and planned a scrapbooking marathon. My mom even joined in on the fun (she can also cut straight). My sister's only request was a bottle of wine while she worked.
My mom and I sipped on lemon water the entire afternoon as she wasn't sharing her bottle. Where is her Christmas spirit? Ha! Ha!

Over about an 8 hour time period we completed quite a few pages in their books, but still have more to finish...that will all have to wait until another day. I have decided to complete their albums to the end of 2008 and then will start in 2009 using a program to make scrapbooks through the computer. Anyone have any suggestions of good programs that I should look into purchasing? I hope this New Year's Resolution doesn't end up like most of the ones that I have committed to in the past. :)

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Renee and Brian said...

I just love scrapbooking too. I've done several and it's so much fun although I do get frustrated at times and I want to throw the whole thing across the room. I haven't tried digital scrapbooking. Let me know how it goes.