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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 2 Notes

Just had a few more things that I wanted to note from yesterday.

In Response to Emilee's comment on our blog:
Yes, it has been a nice experience to be here during this time with like you said, so much history in the making. We noticed on our drive yesterday that there were several little memorial type areas set up and signs hanging on posts honoring and expressing gratitude towards the late President Cory. The news channels have had lots of little media reports and newspapers have had front page write ups. About 4:30 am this morning (wide awake again) I watched a President Cory special on TV. It was an interview with her daughter about her last days. The newspaper said that there are approximately 1000 people visiting her grave site every day to pay last respects.
There was also a big write-up in The Philippine Star about the GMA group that wined and dined in New York for $20K. In fact, our tour guide mentioned it yesterday and was pretty disgusted by her actions. The newspaper today said, "the extravagance is a manifestation of the Arroyo administration's insensitivity and hypocrasy while thousands of families suffer hunger and the nation was mourning the death of former President Corazon Aquino". The amount spent would have fed 18,000 Filipino's for one day.
Our tour guide from yesterday also didn't have much nice to say about former President Moraco and his wife. He said that his wife is still living and is very "generous" with the Filipino's money, but doesn't share it with people in her own country. He said that she bought George Hamilton (US) a house in Beverly Hills. On our tour he also showed us the bank that would have absolutely nothing if she took her money out. He said that if I have never seen a bullet proof dress to check out her attire. Apparently she is really despised by most in the Philippines.
While most of it is so sad, I really enjoyed learning the political side of the Philippines.

Oh and I wanted to share 2 little tidbits that I picked up from our guide yesterday.

- He said that Filipino's smile often because when they are starving and hungry they believe that air enters through their mouth and helps fill their bellies.

- Filipino's have lots of children and devot their lives to them because it is the children that take care of them when they are old. There are not a lot of senior citizen type facilities in the Philippines.


Allison Family said...

Working in a nursing home myself...which there are many in the US, of course, it is interesting to note that there really aren't any in the Philippines. My Filipino co-worker had shared that with me. Which I guess ties in with what our social worker had told us...most Filipino people within their own country adopt girls b/c there is a belief that girls will take care of them when they are older. It is so interesting to learn bits and pieces of the culture. Thanks for sharing everything. I'm glad you are enjoying your time even though I'm sure you absolutely can't wait to meet your little guy!

Renee and Brian said...

Thanks again for sharing all the interesting things you've learned. It is always amazing to see how things are so different from where we live and it is important I think to have an understanding of these differences. Hope that you're enjoying your Sunday and I look forward to hearing all about it!

emilie said...

enjoying the updates! not sure i'd have the same interpretation about the smiling thing, but that's a funny one (not the starving implication, but the smile interpretation). tee hee. i'd say it has more to do with being a very indirect society, where most everything is never as it seems...