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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~ Smiles ~

Whoa! We truly enjoyed waking up yesterday to all of the comments on our blog, congratulatory emails and notes on Facebook. Thank you!

Sorry about the delay in posting more pictures. For some reason the Internet at the hotel was running extremely slow, so slow that we weren't able to download any pictures. I could barely sleep last night knowing I had so many cute pictures to share with everyone, hence that is why I am up for 4:30 in the morning. :)

We had a wonderful day with Levi yesterday. We were out and about quite a bit, but still came back to the hotel for his nap times just to trying to keep him on a schedule that was familiar to him. We were able to get lots of smiles and some giggles. We are still waiting for him to babble as we have yet to hear any of that. He loved the swimming pool so we will definitely be spending more time in the pool again today.

The first night went really well and he went right to sleep in the pack-n-play crib in the hotel right away. His nursery schedule showed that he would wake at 5:00. Wes and I were dreading that a little so we went to sleep fairly early too. Levi woke up at 4:30 because he was really wet (so wet that it leaked through his clothes) and so we were up for good then.

We did a bath first thing in the morning (the pee smell had to go) and he did really well in the tub. We weren't sure how he would do as he has always just had a bath in the baby tubs up to this point. Levi just hung out while Wes washed and rinsed him. The caretakers were right as he ate everything we fed to him at breakfast. I think the only thing he spit back out was a tiny piece of pineapple and I think that was only because he couldn't chew it. He was very squirmy in his high chair and kept sliding way down in the seat. Now I know why they had a towel tied around his chest when we got to feed him at the orphanage. Oh the joys, of eating out with a toddler again. :)Photobucket

Levi loves just hanging out looking at all of the board books and picture books we brought along.


We did some shopping in the morning to get things like formula, sippy cups, and a jacket for the plane ride home. He was quite the trooper while shopping, but mainly because I think everything is so new to him. I am pretty sure this will change.

We ate lunch in the mall at Jollibee. Jollibee is a fast food chain that is even more popular than McDonald's here in the Philippines. I think that Red Ribbon was also combined with the Jollibee because we were able to order some pasta. Wes and I figured that we would just share a portion of each of our plates with Levi. Wrong! Levi chowed on the spaghetti! Wes ended up ordering a cheeseburger and fries for himself. We did encounter some rude people in here. When we first lined up behind the cash register Wes and I were looking up at the menu to tell the cashier what we wanted when someone just snuck in front of us and started ordering. We didn't say anything because we figured that obviously he had somewhere he needed to be soon. Also when Wes went back the 2nd time to order his cheeseburger a lady and her son tried to cut right in front of him. This time, he flat out told them that he was next and started ordering. Weird! I guess if you want any food at the Jollibee you have to be fairly demanding.
Spaghetti Face!

Levi still wasn't finished eating.

Full belly! He loves waving at everyone.

Goodbye, Jollibee!

Strolling the Glorietta Mall.

Levi's walking technique reminds me of E.T. He takes short little choppy steps with his feet turned slightly outwards. He has a little waddle that babies have when they still wear diapers and he looks like E.T. when he walks. I was following behind saying, "E.T., phone home".

After his afternoon nap we thought we would try out the pool. He loved it! He is going to fit in so well with his "waterbug" sisters. Wes taught him how to splash and now there is no going back. We got tons of smiles and lots of giggles out of him while he was in the pool. It was actually raining most of the time they were in the water. I didn't get in, but instead sat under the big umbrella and took lots of pictures and video.

He's feeling pretty cute in his swim trunks (and of course he is very cute).

This is one of my favorite pictures so far of Levi and his Daddy.






This is my favorite picture of Levi and Mommy.

Levi's wrinkly hands from staying in the water so long.

For dinner we went to Guilly's which is in the Glorietta Mall and has seating outside. It is right beside our hotel so it was nice to sit outside and watch the hotel traffic and night-life going on. We also loved the upbeat music they played through dinner. The food was pretty good, or at least good enough that we might go back and eat there again the night before we leave. We liked the convenience of it being so close to our hotel and the atmosphere.

Levi entertained himself while waiting for his food by watching the cars go by. In this picture you can see our hotel in the background and our room is one of those in the picture. I also strategically got the girl in the green shirt in the picture as she reminded us of my brother's girlfriend, Carrie (only an Asian version). :)



Ready for bed!

Hugs and Kisses! He looks thrilled doesn't he? :)

Yesterday, we tried to bump everything up an hour from his normal schedule. We napped an hour later, we ate and hour later, and went to bed an hour later. All of this was in hopes that he would sleep until at least 6:00 this morning. It is a quarter til 6, so I think our plan worked.

Two more days in the Philippines! Hopefully, we will be able to post more pictures again tonight if the internet speed will cooperate.


Bruce and Dottie Taylor said...

What a sweet sweet boy! I tried to view from work but of course I saw the stop sign. Can't wait to have you home. Many blessings.

Bruce and Dottie Taylor

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am amazed by the expressions on Levi's face in one day! He looks as though he has gone from a little bewildered to a little boy who is lighting up! So glad to know he loves the water...he will love what is in store for him with his sisters! Just a few more days..Can't wait to welcome him home. MaMa LaLa

Jennifer said...

I loved the pictured of you and Wes with Levi. You look so great together. You're making me so jealous! I'm really happy for you though.

Julie said...

Great pictures, he looks so happy and so do both of you. I'm so glad all is going well for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey time travlers: Can't wait to see all three of you this weekend. It is neat to see how Levi has bonded so well with you two. Levi has a great mom and dad.
Jenny, you have done a great job keeping all of us updated on what has taken place......thank you very much!!!!!!!!
Love you all and miss you,
PaPa J.R.

Allison Family said...

Hmm...seems like we had a similar experience at Jollibee at the Glorietta Mall. I remember feeling a little overwhelmed while we were there! Levi is full of smiles...what a cute little guy! Enjoy your last few days in the Philippines.

Haylee Minard said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so incredibly excited for you and Wes! Your little boy is adorable and I can't wait to see some pictures of him and his sisters!

Aunt Haley and fam said...

O wow! I am amazed at how quickly you have bonded and how peaceful and happy he is with you...what a blessing. Thank you so much for all the pictures. Please give Levi kisses from us. He could not be any more precious.
p.s.You and Wes are beaming in these pictures.

Jessica-cuz said...

I am so happy for you guys to finally have little Levi in your arms!!! I cannot wait to meet your little man soon! I have LOVED reading your blog and seeing the great pictures you guys took and hearing about the very personal details of your trip there. Thanks for sharing, and our family promises not to scare Levi when we meet him! he he :)

Jessica said...

Just in case you don't recognize---this is your amesome cousin....Jessica :)

Renee and Brian said...

That little boy has one fantastic smile! It must melt your heart every time you see it. He looks like he really enjoyed the pool and the pictures of you and Wes with Levi are great. Enjoy the next two days with your little guy and hopefully the long plane ride home will be a smooth one.

Amber said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well and that he's bonding with you guys so quickly! He sounds like a pretty easy-going kind of kid. He really seemed to just love the pool, judging from the pictures! I bet you can't wait to bring Levi home and introduce him to the girls :0)