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Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Welcome Home Gathering ~

Will be posting about our first few days home soon. We are still trying to recover from the time change/jet lag. The time change adjustment has been hard on all of us. My mom also has great pictures on her camera from the weekend so I need to get those from her.

Wes and I have the best extended family in the whole world! My Aunts, Unlces, cousins, and sister Jill had a little welcome home party for Levi. Jill lives only about 15 minutes from the airport so it was nice for us to relax a little and eat great food before continuing our drive home. Levi was showered with gifts, balloons, and LOTS of attention. He loved every minute of it! (I know my mom and dad probably had to be a little jealous that they got to see him first)


Our drive home seemed so long. I am pretty sure that I didn't do my part in helping Wes to stay awake while driving. Wes's Mountain Dew and Coffee helped him through the drive. The exhaustion had set in and if it wouldn't have been for the excitement of seeing the girls, I know I could have slept through the night until morning with no problems.

I love this sign by our driveway!

Levi receiving plenty of Love from his sisters.


Julie said...

So wonderful to have all your kids together!! Get some rest and enjoy your new son.

Joanne said...

Welcome home!! I hope you guys catch up on your rest soon. I'm glad to see that you're blogging again because I was going into withdrawals not seeing pics of you guys with little Levi! I especially loved the pictures of the girls with their brother :). Looking forward to hearing more about your trip. BTW, thanks for posting those travel tips on your blog. I already bookmarked it :)

Tam-A-Roo said...


I can't believe that you're home with your son! It all seems kind of surreal...I've been reading your blog for so long and now finally Levi is home! Thanks again for sharing your adoption story with us "bloggy friends" it is so nice to be able to hear about your adoption story...sigh...and now...again...I'm dreaming of the day I bring my Little One home!
Thanks again...looking forward to reading more about Levi and your adoption journey!

Amber said...

Welcome back home! It's great to see pictures of the kids all together :0) You guys must be exhausted...get some rest!!

Janice et St├ęphane said...

Welcome home to your beautiful daughters and a family finally reunited. Your daughters must have been so excited to finally meet Levi. I look forward to reading all about their reactions as well as Levi's adaptation to his new environment. He seems to be very curious and easygoing, things seem to have gone very smoothly since he has been with you guys. I'm so excited for you!!! :) Have fun!!!

Dawn said...

Love it!! So beautiful!

Renee and Brian said...

It must feel great to be back in your own bed! Having Levi home with you guys must seem surreal. You know that he is coming home at some point, but when he finally does it must be amazing. I must have checked several times a day to see if there was a new post from you because I couldn't wait to hear more about your return trip and to see some pictures of Levi.

I hope that you're getting some much deserved rest but please keep the posts coming please!!

Allison Family said...

Welcome home as a family of 5 now!!! I love the pictures...such a cute little guy!

Aunt Haley and fam said...

How exciting...I have missed reading your blogs and seeing pics. We are glad your are home and together as a family. We cannot wait to meet him... he is precious. Heston is into waving too...we can just sit them across from one another and they might wave back and forth for hours. LOL Heston says, "HIIIIIIIII" with a big grin on his face when he waves.