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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lake

This past weekend I took Levi and the girls to the lake house. While the girls loved it as usual, I am not sure what Levi thought about the weekend. There was just so much to take in. He wore his life jacket, but it almost swallowed him. I left the upper portion unzipped just so he would have some more space for his little face. We went to Captain Ron's which has a beach area outside of the restaurant so that he could play more easily in the water. He didn't want to walk out in it, so we instead sat in the sand and played. Levi didn't want to wear his sun hat, but since he is lacking in a little bit of hair on top of his head, we kept trying to distract him to place it back on his head and also covered his head in sunscreen. He did conquer the stairs inside the lake house. He kept watching us go up and down them and it didn't take long before he decided to follow us. Now that he can get up them, we will really have to work on him learning how to get on his belly and slide down them.

Poor guy! His life jacket is just a little too big! It is so hard to find a comfortable one for his size.

Jaidyn thinks she is the Captain of Papa's ship. Jaidyn and Addy both fight to see who gets to sit on Papa's lap and drive. Jaidyn's getting very good and even knew our way home on the water the other night.

Levi did not want his picture taken, but I couldn't resist. They were all too cute in their swim outfits.

Sitting in the sand. Levi is once again trying to pull his hat off.


All the lake fun and sun will drain you...he is on his 2nd nap for the day. He did take 2 naps a day at the orphange, but since we have been home, we usually only do one early in the afternoon.


Renee and Brian said...

I loved reading this post. I'm so nervous about coming home with a child because I feel like I'll have to hold up in the house forever while they settle in. It is good to see that you're out and on the go again and that Levi is handling this so well.
The girls look like they are enjoying being big sisters. They all look adorable in their swimsuits.

Allison Family said...

I love the picture of Levi with his sisters. Too cute!

Brad and Stacy said...

He is gorgeous! I remember running into you in Walmrt too along while back. I need you email to send you an invite to my blog! Thanks
Stacy Segebarth

Amber said...

It looks like Levi is adapting very well! I too am glad to see that you're taking him out to the lake and doing various activities together as a family already. This reassures me! It's hard to know what to do once you get back home...I guess each child is different!! Adoption books say to stay home with your child for at least the first six months, if you can, to encourage bonding and a strong connection to form. It seems to me that if you just stay home alone with your child and you don't see friends and extended family for that long, won't the child freak out when you do finally take him out shopping or to a restaurant?! It's tough...there's no right answer, and there's no manual on how to raise children, be it adopted or biological!!

Julie said...

Jenny, what a fun time out for everyone. The pictures are too cute. It sounds like everything is going well for all 5 of you. Take care and enjoy your summer.